Our Leadership Structure

Trinity is led by our senior pastor along with members of the congregation who are part of the "Core Leadership Team". In February 2014, the Core Team Job Description was updated and adopted as written below. 

Core Leadership Team Job Description

Trinity United Methodist Church

210 North Main Street

Swanton, OH 43558

Responsibility of Core Team

The Core Leadership Team’s primary responsibility is to work with the senior pastor to formulate and to carry out the vision of the church. This means that its accomplishment is discussed at every meeting. The Core Leadership Team is ultimately responsible for holding the senior pastor accountable for the implementation of the vision.

The Core Leadership Team spends time under the senior pastor’s leadership learning about the nature and mission of the church. They submit to leadership development, reading, and discussion of ideas related to the church growth and effectiveness. They are also responsible for creating effective leadership training, so that any new Core Leadership Team or Staff members are committed to the vision and mission of the church. They deal with any personnel issues in order to assure that people are put in places where their spiritual gifts can best promote the vision.

The Core Leadership Team spends time in prayer for the pastor and staff, and for their accomplishments of the vision. The goal is for the Core Leadership Team to become the spiritual leaders of the church, setting the policies that are to be carried out by the staff.

Composition of Core Team

Nine people will comprise the Core Leadership Team. One person will be assigned the position of Chairperson. As per the Book of Discipline, there will also be four people who will be recognized as Chairpersons of: Lay Leadership, Staff-Parish Relations, Finance, and Trustees. The four other members of the Team will be recognized as at-large members. The church’s lay delegate to the Annual Conference shall occupy one of the positions on the Core Leadership Team.

Core Leadership Team members serve three-year terms. Each year, three Team members will rotate off, and three new members will begin to serve. If it is deemed necessary and for good cause, the Core Leadership Team may request a member serve an additional term. When a term expires, one year must lapse before being eligible to return to the Core Leadership Team. The lay delegate to the Annual Conference can serve on the Core Leadership Team for as long as he/she remains in the position of lay delegate. It is recommended that any open positions for the Core Leadership Team shall be posted in all existing media and at the church.


A quorum of the Core Leadership Team will be six members.